Verizon FiOS Quantum Internet

Internet Plans
FAST $44.99ø/mo
w/voice service for 12 mos. with 2 yr agreement
25 Mbps Download

25 Mbps Upload

FASTER $54.99ø/mo
w/voice service for 12 mos. with 2 yr agreement
50 Mbps Download

50 Mbps Upload

Even FASTER $64.99ø/mo
w/voice service for 12 mos. with 2 yr agreement
75 Mbps Download

75 Mbps Upload

Ideal for this
many devices:
5 or more
Pick The Speed
For Your Lifestyle
Great for casual users, surfing the web, online shopping, emailing, updating social profiles.
Upload and download faster than ever. Smooth video streaming and online gaming
Ideal for homes that have many users with various devices using Internet connections
10 Songs
(50 MB)
26.7 seconds
8 seconds
5.3 seconds
200 Photos
(250 MB)
6.7 minutes
1.3 minutes
58 seconds
HD Movies
(5 GB)
44.4 minutes
13.3 minutes
8.9 minutes

FiOS® Internet from Verizon

FiOS Internet is America’s fastest Internet. Period. As one of the leading providers of internet home services, Verizon offers a reliable and dependable service to its subscribers by delivering a quality service at an affordable price.

What makes Verizon FiOS Internet a cut above the rest?

One of Verizon FiOS Internet’s most notable features makes it standout amongst other internet providers. Verizon runs on a network unlike any other. It is the first and only company in the United States to bring a 100% fiber optic network directly to your home. Such speed and reliability allows you to surf the web, downloading large documents, upload photo, stream movies, and much more with a safe and fast connection.

With plans including download speeds ranging from 15 Mbps to even 500 Mbps with Verizon FiOS Quantum Internet, there are many options available for all user levels. Not failing short on delivering, FCC1 tests prove that FiOS® provides customers more speed than they pay for.

Verizon Internet plans also come in conventional DSL service for areas where FiOS is not yet available. New areas of coverage are constantly being added to the network of Verizon FiOS service as it is expected to grow. Use our website to retrieve available offers in your area by entering your address and searching areas of FiOS availability. Great promotions and deals are available for you to choose which best matches your needs.

New subscribers can enjoy incentives when ordering Verizon Internet as a single service or even more so as a bundled offer with other home services. Verizon offers many promotions that offer monthly discounts, extra services for free or reduced as well as equipment and installation specials. Be sure to check all Verizon FiOS Internet offers to find the best plan at the right price.

Residential subscribers want only the best in high-speed & FiOS Internet at all times. A reliable connection is included in your service as FiOS has unmatched bandwidth capacity. Verizon FiOS Internet provides a reliable way to gain instant access to social websites, online gaming, media apps and software, and any other modes of your online usage.

The significance of choosing FiOS Internet, with its top speeds at affordable prices and reliable fiber optic network, is second to none when it comes to smart consumer shopping. As one of the leading internet providers, Verizon offers a quality service at an affordable price.

1Source: Measuring Broadband America, FCC Report released Feb. 2013